To determine if you're at a healthy weight, enter the following information and calculate your body mass index (BMI).


Your BMI is 38.5

What it means: obese

Underweight less than 18.5
Normal 18.5 to 24.9
Overweight 25 to 29.9
Obese 30 or greater

What you can do

Consider the benefits of a healthy weight — a reduced risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes, increased energy and improved self-esteem, for example. Then talk to your doctor about the best weight-loss approach for you. To start:

  • Embrace healthy eating by choosing a variety of nutrient-rich foods, including fruits, vegetables and whole grains and small amounts of energy-dense foods like olive oil, nuts and dried fruits.

  • Exercise. Ask your doctor about the right type of activities for you. Remember, even small amounts of activity provide immediate benefits.

  • Set action goals focused on specific healthy activities such as starting a daily food and activity diary.