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Lite Weight

Our main practice is dedicated to weight loss, our treatment is based in the use of FDA approved medications like Phentermine and Diethylpropion along with other dietary supplements (if indicated).

During the first visit to the office, a member of the staff will take the patient’s weight and height and calculate the BMI to document the degree of obesity, will take the medical history, explain the diet that the patient will follow, draw blood for a complete laboratory profile and will do an Electrocardiogram if required. The patient will be ask to return the following day or any other day at his/her convenience, during this visit, Dr. Martinez will evaluate the patient’s condition, do a physical examination, discuss the laboratory results and implement the treatment for the patient based in her/his condition, we dispense all medications at our office.

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    I had tried it all: diets, exercise and fads. I just couldn't lose weight. Thankfully I found Dr. Martinez. He helped me understand WHY I was gaining weight and how I could lose it. Highly recommended!

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